Managing Trutees

Shri Samirbhai S. Maru is the Managing Trustee of The Social Welfare Educational and Charitable Trust – Junagadh. Mahila Arts & Commerce College – Veraval has been providing quality education to the rural young women for whom higher education before 1991 was not easily accessible.

We, the governing body, see that the students and the staff are prepared to meet with the growing needs of the society, economy and the nation serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equity. We stress on the students being equipped with the global competencies, with the skilled human resources of a high caliber. India has pluralities of cultural, social, ethnic, religious reality. Under the circumstances, we inculcate among our students the moral values which help them establish oneness with these diverse groups. In our institution, the teaching-learning has not been traditional, but the staff has always been innovative with the integration of technology in teaching-learning process making education more enjoyable and effective.